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Dr. Shah is an excellent diagnostician and she expertly determined an acupuncture plan for me. I saw Dr. Shah over a four year period and during that time she helped me with several issues. My main issue was I wanted to get off the hormone treatment that I had been on for about seven years. I was having a terrible time with restorative sleep due to the removal of the hormones. Dr. Shah slowly and systematically worked with my body and successfully removed me from the hormones over a period of several months. I did not experience any of the withdrawals from hormones and was able to achieve a healthy sleep pattern. Dr. Shah also told me that I had digestive issues despite me saying I had none; I had lived with a bloated stomach and constipation for years and had just accepted that state as normal. Wow, I am cured thanks to Dr. Shah and I no longer have digestive issues. Dr. Shah is very personable, listens attentively and treats accordingly, however, she can tell more about you from your pulse than you probably would know about yourself. I always felt that Dr. Shah would develop a treatment plan and end it as soon as symptoms warranted it. I give Dr. Shah a 5 out of a 5.


Dr. Sucheta Shah has been working with my son for the past few years. I have always been impressed with her empathetic approach and diverse knowledge. Although, she started seeing my son for his frequent cough/cold/allergies, we confer with her for any other health concerns we have within the family. However, trivial or big a problem, we have always found relief in her treatments.

My son’s symptoms are very much in control now and we are very happy and relieved that we do not have to resort to strong antibiotics every time. We have a skillful doctor to help us with remedies that are more natural.

We trust Dr. Shah totally. She is pleasantly easy to approach and talk to. She is also flexible and works with our schedule to fit us in when needed.

We are very thankful for all the help she has given us!


I have known Sucheta since I was six years old. I had a skin condition on my hands where they were extremely raw and red and peeling. My mom had taken me to several other doctors before trying out homeopathy. She was the only one who was able to help my skin go back to normal. This makes a total of 19 years that I have known her. Sucheta’s services are unique in comparison to others because she tries to find the root of your condition instead of just treating the surface symptoms. She has helped me work to deal with endometriosis, strep throat, chronic bronchitis and any other things that arise. I feel comfortable and supported when I go in for appointments because she takes the time to listen. I never feel rushed like I do with general medical doctors and that is a huge plus for me. She is also very good about getting back with me when I reach out to her and will always try to make room in her schedule to see me. We have been on a long journey together and when something doesn’t work for me she always validates what I am feeling and helps me search for a new solution. She makes me feel safe when I go into appointments and helps me find ways to treat my conditions in a natural way that doesn’t have harsh side effects on my body like other medications I have tried. I feel very fortunate to have found her and have her in my life.


“Dr Shah treats the whole person, not just the symptoms you walk in with, whether it’s a backache or a cold. She takes the time to really get to understand your background, your family history, your lifestyle and then tailors your treatment to make a healthier you. She is very personable and has always been prompt in her response to treatment.”


“I was suffering from chronic pain for 4 years before I approached Dr Shah. I had seen numerous Physicians, tried various treatments and medications, and had no relief. When I first started seeing Dr Shah, I would wake up in pain every morning. Dr Shah completely turned around my health. She has been very compassionate and sensitive to my needs, and has a wonderful bedside manner. Her attention to ensuring my well being has been exceptional. I highly recommend her.


I first met Dr Shah 20 years ago, when I visited her because my allergies were out of control. I was taking 150% of the prescription dose for a decongestant that is no longer on the market because taking less left me with constant severe pain in my ear (think knife in the ear!). This was very significant because I am a piano teacher and it is impossible to listen closely with that kind of pain. My blood pressure had started to rise, which promoted me to seek some healthier means of dealing with my allergies. After just a week, I was off all the allergy medicine, with the help of a homeopathic remedy. My blood pressure normalized and I have never had to take the decongestants again.

Dr Shah also saved my life! This is not an exaggeration. About 10 years ago, I called her because I had a fever (literally the second one in my entire adult life!). We both thought that I had the flu. On the second day, I was discussing my symptoms with her in a phone call and mentioned that my lower back hurt. She instantly told me that this was very serious and that it was likely to be a kidney infection, a diagnosis that was confirmed that afternoon at the doctor’s office. I was immediately given IV antibiotics. I mention this to address any worry that you may have, going to a non-conventional medical provider. I have complete confidence that Dr Shah will steer me toward conventional medicine as needed.

My daughter has also been a beneficiary of Dr Shah’s wisdom. At 4 years old, she had complete bladder control during the day but was never dry at night. I love that the first time I brought her in, Dr Shah’s reaction was to point out my daughter’s excellent health and her advice was to just let her mature. At 6 years old, we revisited the issue, and after just one dose of a homeopathic remedy, my daughter went form never dry to never wet. Amazingly, that was it- no more issue!

Through the years, I have recommended Dr Shah to many friends and students. One family was planning to leave Houston, although the father was the head of a major health provider in town, because they all had such bad allergies. They first saw Dr Shah 15 years ago and they are still in town and healthy. Others have been able to lessen cat allergies to the point that they can not only take lessons in my studio (where there is a resident cat), but also have a cat in the home environment. Many have gotten relieve from acute illness (think severe cold and flu), injuries, and chronic conditions.

If you see Dr Shah, my recommendation is to let her tell you which modality will work best for your issue. She is very wise and experienced. You can completely trust her!